Why does Paul Simms, chairman, eyeforpharma, think gender parity is important? Read the below communication from 24 March entitled “Where are the Women?”

Gender parity in the workplace isn’t about to happen. It’s 170 years away, according to Kathrin Schoenborn-Sobolewski, a VP at Merck and president-elect of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, echoing a World Economic Forum report.

We need to speed up.

But why do I think gender parity is important? Well it’s not because I’m nice, or because I’m a woman (I’m neither), but because if we’re to fully deliver on patient outcomes, we must be representative of our patient population.

Every patient needs to be able to look at the company making his or her medicine and say: “there is someone running that company who represents me. Who understands me. Who knows me.”

So I was personally disappointed that only 20 percent of our speakers at eyeforpharma Barcelona last week were women, despite best efforts. This must change. We can help accelerate that change by tackling the myriad of barriers that stand in the way. In support of International Women’s Day on 8 March, we published:

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