Advanced Clinical Member Spotlight


How has your company benefited from the Collaborative discussion forums with like-minded industry peers?

We have experienced the benefits of networking with CEOs, CFOs and other D&I executives in organizations that have more tenure and experience in developing a D&I roadmap within their organization to help guide Advanced Clinical in our journey.

As one of your organization’s leaders, why are you personally committed to advancing gender parity in the workplace?

As women, we need to support each other. Programs and policies designed to reduce bias in the workplace and to ensure fairness benefits more than women, they benefit everyone. I believe every person should feel comfortable to show up to work as their authentic selves and when that happens everyone wins and business results are optimized.

How have you benefited professionally from participating in this consortium?

It has allowed me to lead with inclusion better than ever as I am seeing biases I didn’t know existed. I’ve experienced the opportunity to network and build a stronger network with executive peers who share, learn and grow through each other.

How have you leveraged leaders in your organization to contribute to the consortium strategy, thinking and focus?

We have engaged and have the support of our senior most leaders in the organization and are making great strides to bring more men into these conversations in helping them understand the value of the female perspective.

For companies who have yet to join, what do you think they’re missing out on?

The ability to learn from other organizations and get ahead of the gender parity issue in the life sciences. As part of the consortium, organizations learn techniques and strategies to reach and maintain gender parity.

What’s the benefit of having both talent leaders and business leaders contribute to the consortium’s priorities?

When a strong commitment to D&I is set at the highest levels, then corporate culture barriers to parity are more easily addressed. Both are critical to the success of the organization, and both categories of leaders need to listen to each other to design lasting solutions to reach and maintain parity in all levels of their organizations.

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Advanced Clinical Member Spotlight
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