Chasing Breakthroughs in I&I: Pfizer’s Mike Gladstone

Pharm Exec sat down with Mike Gladstone, Pfizer’s Global President of Inflammation & Immunology (I&I), to discuss how Pfizer is addressing the unmet need in I&I, the company’s legacy of leadership in I&I, and how its relationships with patients is fueling the quest for breakthroughs over ‘me too’ incremental improvements. To read the full interview, click here.

You represent Pfizer on the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s Gender Parity Collaborative. Tell us about Pfizer’s commitments in this area, and diversity, equity and inclusion more broadly. How is that influencing the way you lead Pfizer I&I?

Gender parity, diversity and inclusion, and general equity in the workplace should be table stakes in 2021. Our participation in the HBA Gender Parity Collaborative is a point of pride, and a group we continue to learn from as we develop internal and external policies.

Building a culture that reflects the diverse backgrounds, skills, experiences and points of view of the patients we’re working to support has never been more critical, and as a leader, I’m responsible for it. Many immunological conditions disproportionally affect women, and their voice must be heard at every step of the way — from research and development to how we bring new treatments to market. That is the framework influencing the way I lead the business.”

Chasing Breakthroughs in I&I: Pfizer’s Mike Gladstone
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