HBA honored to be Part of Women in the Workplace Study

“Women are Leaning In. Now companies need to Lean In too” according to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and founder of LeanIn.org and based on their latest study.

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) was honored to be part of the 23 October  launch of the fourth edition of the Women in the Workplace study organized by LeanIn in partnership with McKinsey.

women in work place
Laurie Cooke, Sheryl Sandberg, Marie-Caroline Strok

The results are in: the pace of change is too slow and seems to be stalled according to the 2018 report analysis. Females in leadership positions remain nearly unchanged compared to last year starting at 48 percent representation at entry level, dropping to 38 percent at manager level and decreasing even further to 23 percent and 22 percent female representation for VP and C-suite levels.

Silver lining: a lot of companies are committed to making the change happen and understand the competitive advantage diversity represents. This year was the biggest turn-out for McKinsey capturing D&I data for 279 companies – their largest cohort to date since the beginning of the study in 2015.

The HBA has recognized the need to accelerate change within the healthcare/life-science industry, moreover given the significant investment made every year to support D&I in our sector. To enable this ambition, the HBA Gender Parity Collaborative was launched this spring with the strong commitment of our 12 first founding members organizations, as well as a new prestigious collaboration with McKinsey/LeanIn and their Women in the Workplace study, to help us track and measure progress.

The Collaborative is a consortium of companies – together we will set strategic priorities, implement solutions and most importantly measure results yearly. The Collaborative will be meeting for the first time end of November 2018.

HBA honored to be Part of Women in the Workplace Study
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