Men as Allies Vital to Accelerating Gender Parity

“Men as Allies” has been identified as a top priority to advance systemic progress toward true gender parity by the Gender Parity Collaborative. And for a very good reason.

Men represent between 60 to 70 percent of vice president and higher executive positions in healthcare companies according to a recent Women in the Workplace survey. However, studies demonstrate that an equal gender mix contributes to diversity of thought and leads to better business performance. In fact, men play a pivotal role in creating workplaces where female and male employees can succeed, according to Catalyst, another global nonprofit that helps organizations advance women in the workplace and encourages employers to engage men as champions and build inclusive cultures.

Recognizing effective male advocacy in the drive toward gender parity, the HBA has honored influential male mentors since 2001. This year’s Honorable Mentor, Peter Anastasiou of Lundbeck, said, “I care so much about gender parity because it’s good for business…the case for gender parity is rooted in results. It’s about material improvement in sales, operating margins and shareholder value.”

Columbia University research found that men are more likely to support diversity when they are made aware that their behavior has made a difference, suggesting that employers give men a specific role in gender-diversity efforts. 

Recently we posted an interview with Ray Arata, co-founder of the Inclusionary Leadership Group (ILG), an organization focused on the business value of creating a full partnership between women and men in the workplace, and a partner of the Gender Parity Collaborative. As a follow up, we want to share the ILG’s Top Ways to Engage Men in Full Partnership in the Workplace.

The Gender Parity Collaborative believes achieving gender parity will happen much more quickly when more men engage as allies and advocates. With a majority of the decision-making positions held by men, their “ally-ship” is vital to accelerate the industry’s transformation. The Collaborative sees significant opportunity, and collectively commit to creating environments which develop, sustain and reward male ally-ship. Join us!

Men as Allies Vital to Accelerating Gender Parity

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