Organizations pursuing gender parity and diversity will reap the benefits of increased revenue, decreased costs, maximized profits, as well as more effective employee recruitment, improved employee retention, and an enhanced corporate image. Are you in?

McKinsey reports that advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth by 2025 — This is roughly the combined size of the economies of the United States and China today.

A 2011 research report in Catalyst, Inc. showed that companies with three or more women on the board outperform companies with all-male boards by 60% on ROI, 60% on ROE, and 84% on return on sales (ROS). Furthermore, higher female percentages in the executive echelons can strengthen the effort to attract and hire talented women at lower levels.

According to the Harvard Business Review, teams with even one woman come to feel the “point of pain” necessary to perceive new opportunities and act on them. For companies tasked with understanding female consumers (74% of respondents work for companies that target women), including women improves the likelihood of their success by 144%.

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