Real Chemistry Member Spotlight: Marcia Windross


How have you benefited professionally from participating in this consortium?

As a newcomer to the industry, participating in the Collaborative has given me deeper insights into the DE&I space within the healthcare/pharma industries. It has been helpful to learn what other companies are prioritizing in this arena. It has also been beneficial to develop a great network of DE&I professionals and collaborate with others to improve our industry overall.

For companies who have yet to join, what do you think they’re missing out on?

Companies who have not joined are missing out on the opportunity to share best practices, learn from having different voices and perspectives in the room. They are also missing out on having an amazing network and support system.

Why was it critical for your organization to be involved in the Gender Parity Collaborative?

At Real Chemistry, diversity, equity and inclusion is one of our five core pillars and hence gives us a competitive advantage. Our mission is to make the world a healthier place for everyone, so we must create a diverse and inclusive work environment where all our colleagues can thrive and feel like they belong. Participating in the HBA’s Gender Parity Collaborative gives us the opportunity to share best practices and garner insights to develop the most equitable processes and opportunities to advance our women at Real Chemistry and our industry. 

As one of your organization’s leaders, why are you personally committed to advancing gender parity in the workplace?

The Covid-19 pandemic has threatened to reverse all the progress that was made in gender parity. Over 20 million women have exited the workforce, and this has had a more negative impact on women of color and especially African American women. The 2020 McKinsey and Lean In study, Women in the Workplace shows that it is more difficult for Black women to advance in their careers as they face systematic discrimination, lack support from their managers, miss out on sponsors and allies and deal with a greater number of micro-aggressions.  They cannot bring their whole selves to work. Also, the disproportionate impact of the virus on the Black community and racial violence has resulted in an increased emotional tax that is causing many Black women to exit the workforce.  As a Black woman and leader at my company, I am committed to advancing gender parity and will pay close attention to our women of color and provide the necessary support to our Black women so that we can not only retain them but help them to advance in their careers.

Real Chemistry Member Spotlight: Marcia Windross
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