The Broken Rung for Women in the Workplace Requires Bold Action and a Business Imperative

According to the just-released 2019 Women in the Workplace report, one million women could advance into management roles in the next five years and close the promotion gap, if they were promoted at the same rate as men. Survey researchers have identified this gap—also dubbed the broken rung—as the biggest systemic barrier to gender parity in the workplace today.

As a forty-plus year advocate advancing the impact and influence of women in the business of healthcare, the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) is paying close attention to the latest survey insights. An industry champion of the Women in the Workplace survey, the HBA’s Gender Parity Collaborative, comprised of healthcare and life science companies, contributes to the survey data as a demonstration of their commitment to making parity a business imperative.

Conducted by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn, this year’s survey also reveals that moderate progress has been made at the C-suite level as organizations have directed their gender parity focus on the executive tier. While this is encouraging, it does not address the obstacles that hinder women from moving through the pipeline from entry level roles into management and then progressing to senior level positions.

“Collecting and disseminating the [McKinsey] data is the first step in recognizing where an organization may have barriers to advancing women,” according to the HBA’s President and CEO Laurie Cooke. “However, it’s the commitment to implementing practices that remove these barriers that is the common denominator among the companies participating in our industry-wide consortium.”

Beyond contributing to the Women in the Workplace survey, Collaborative companies meet throughout the year to work collectively on establishing frameworks critical to eliminating systemic barriers to parity and sharing solutions that results in concrete actions and measurable results.

The Broken Rung for Women in the Workplace Requires Bold Action and a Business Imperative
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